Fort Woof Off-leash Dog Park

3500 Gateway Park Drive
Fort Worth, TX

User Reviews (8)

  • 1. Lots of fun

    by: aallyyssaa

    I love the park, but its difficult for us to go b/c we have both little dogs and a big dog. The big dog can't go in the little dog park, and the times I've taken the little ones into the big dog park, they've been chased by big dogs. I'm afraid they will be seen as prey (a corgi was killed there a couple of years back). One of the bad things is that people just sit on the benches and don't pay attention to their dogs. Then, no one sees when their dog pees and poops, which means there is a lot of poop everywhere and no one picks up. Also, it seems that people bring their dogs and then get mad when dogs act like dogs. We've been yelled at because our dog was humping another dog. Duh! Even so, I think the dogs enjoy it.


    Dogs get to run and interact leash-free


    Inattentive pet owners

  • 2. Have got to go...

    by: mwhitt

    I had never heard of this park,but now that I have I will have to make a special point of taking my dogs there.They are used to each other,but I'm not too sure how they will behave around others.


    I'm going to have to take my dogs


    live 45 mins.away,had never heard of

  • 3. Park Fun!

    by: sdunn71

    This is a great place to take your socialized dog to have some fun. The only problem I have here is people! Keep and eye on your baby at all times. Trouble could happen in the blink of an eye and it has!


    No leashes


    Dumb owners


    by: txchica1187

    If you haven't been to Fort Woof yet, your missing out! Its the top Dog Park in the Country and the best thing about it, is its free! There are two areas, one for small dogs and one for medium to large dogs. That way you don't have to worry about your little dogs getting trampled or vice versa. They have an agility course set up so if thats your thing, your in luck. Everyone is super friendly and I have yet to have a bad experience. They also have \r\n"watering holes," so you don't have to lug in your own water. Thats a plus in my opinion!


    Friendly dogs, fun, entertaining, very clean, and Great people



  • 5. Great fun

    by: leneica

    This is a great place to take your dogs to let them run around for awhile and have some fun





  • 6. Very Nice

    by: WillowHannigan

    All in all, its great to have a place that my dog can go and sociallize with other dogs. She loves it so. But there are those who sit so far away and don't really watch their dogs. It isn't like my dog can get pregnant, she's fixed, but there are those dogs out there that would like to try. I don't like to discipline someone elses child much less their dog but that is what I am left to do. Also, there are some people out there that don't curb their dogs, even though there are trash cans and bags to do it out there everywhere. \r\n\r\nThat doesn't stop me from taking my dog there, it just makes it a little annoying to do so.


    Toys, obstacle course, water bowls, and pools.


    People who don't watch their pets and those who don't curb them.

  • 7. Dogs love this place!

    by: CrazyASH0115

    My dogs love coming to Fort Woof . If I had a bigger car I would bring them here more often. They have more than enough space to run around in with plenty of water buckets to drink from . Theres also lots of "fire hydrants" and other toys for the dogs to play with!


    Clean, safe, fun



  • 8. Tail Waggin Good Time

    by: FernandoAguilar

    This park is well maintained and well used. There are always plwenty of dogs to play with and owner to visit with. Users are a nice group who keep an eye out for each other.


    Lots of room and buddies to play with


    Sometimes on the weekend, too many buddies