Forsyth county animal control

1200 fairchild drive
Winston-salem, NC 27105
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. good shelter doing great things for pets and pet lovers alike

    by: molloye05

    I adopted my dog from Forsyth Animal Control (which is now located at 5570 Sturmer Park Circle in Winston-Salem) in April of 2007. He is one of the best dogs I have ever owned. Forsyth Animal Control found him as a stray, but he was already housetrained, crate trained, and is the sweetest dog you could possibly ask for. He simply can't get enough loving! Forsyth Animal Control has a convenient website that is frequently updated to let you know what animals they currently have available for adoption and their facility is very visitor-friendly. You could go see the animals even if you had no intention of adopting one and not feel uncomfortable at all. It's a great place that's giving a lot of great animals (like my dog) a new lease on life. I know that I am extremely grateful to this shelter for providing me the opportunity to own Buddy and know many others who adopted pets from there and were equally happy. Keep up the good work!


    lots of animals, nice new facility, want to help animals get adopted


    none that I saw!