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  • 1. DO NOT GO HERE!!

    by: howawful

    I diddo all the negative reviews about this place. I was naive and adopted a dog from them 3 days ago. I thought he seemed" too calm to be true. " The dog let my son carry him around the place like a toy. I questioned his calmness and asked if he was sick. The woman told me that he was just a great dog. She said she had taken him home for a week and just brought him back that day! There is NO way she took him home with her...if she had, she KNEW he was sick. I finally listened to my gut and took the puppy to the doctor today and he is very, very sick. This is my son' x-mas son with special needs who worked hard on some life skills to earn this dog. My son who is adopted and has already had way too much loss in his life. OH, I am SOOOO stupid. This place needs to be shut down!! They are trying to expand...they need to be closed. My son and I wanted to rescue a dog and we can be happy that we have...but if he dies, my son will be more than devastated. My rating is NEGATIVE 5




    too many to state

  • 2. Shady Operation

    by: saltytrigger

    Basically ditto on everything that has already been said about this organization. My experience was that the operator of this organization, "Debbie," wanted to meet me in a public location which ended up being the parking lot of a Denny's at her request. When she showed up a half-hour late after I had driven over an hour and arrived on time, she brought the dog along with a few others in a old minivan that reeked of urine. The animal I wanted to see had some sort of skin infection that she never mentioned even though I mentioned I had another dog at home. Debbie stated that she probably got it from an attack by another animal in her care. She was treating it with a topical medication that she did not have with her and that she wasn't even sure of the name. Oh...and of course there were no veterinary records! When asked for a record of vaccination, spaying etc, she pulled out a container and started frantically searching and ended up not being able to find any. FFAL claims that all animals have received such treatment, though when asked she just said it was an unnecessary expense for these animals to actually see a vet and they just administered the vaccinations themselves. Not knowing what exactly was going on with the pet I wanted to adopt, I was uncomfortable just forking over the money for her when I would have to take her straight to my vet to be checked out before coming home and risking my current pet's health. I told Debbie I was willing to do that, and that I would only compensate her for what she had actually spent on the animal. Of course that was not acceptable for her. There was no explanation or justification for her treatment. She just snatched up the poor little dog and took off without another word said, and I was very polite to her. A little more research revealed that I was not the only person turned off by FFAL's shady operation. FFAL is described as a non-profit rescue organization, yet for the low price of $750 you can currently adopt certain breeder give-ups they have taken in and have available! The pet I was looking at was going to be $150, which seemed reasonable at the time, but not considering all the care the animal received was $10 worth of vaccinations likely purchased from 1800petmeds. I don't know where she is getting her animals from, but it is a shame that FFAL is operating under the pretense of such an organization when so many other great organization exist.


    none compared to reputable organizations


    Animals can be in poor health, Rescue animals sold at breeder prices

  • 3. Long Overdue

    by: 2Happy2

    This has been far overdue in leaving this review, however after reading HelloKC’s comments, I just want to reiterate that, although any agency that is involved in finding these poor animals a new home is doing the right thing, this particular one does the right thing wrong. First off, HelloKC’s review is almost spot on of mine and my wife’s experience. We went to one of Forever Friend’s adoption events at the PetsMart at the Ward Parkway Shopping Center in 2009 when we read on that they were holding an event for a new litter of Australian Shephard/Beagle pups. They gave us the same speech outlining the vaccinations, micro-chipping, spaying and neutering. They even told us that if there were any problems, then we needed to give them a call immediately. This was our first pet so we did the $200 adoption fee and took the puppy home. We literally had the puppy for about three hours when he fell asleep in the sun of our sliding balcony door. We thought he was just tired from the long morning at the adoption event. Two hours later, he woke up and moped around the apartment. He stopped eating and drinking, but went to the bathroom about five times before we went to bed that night, really oily/loose stool and threw up a couple other times. We gave him water and after a couple sips, his torso became inflated like a balloon. We became worried and called them. Naturally, the lady said that it was probably just a stomach virus and the pup would be over it by tomorrow. He slept with us that night because we think he appreciated our body heat. At about 3AM, he just suddenly sat up and started weezing. My wife picked him up to take him over to the bathroom, but before she moved him from the bed, he threw up all over her. The next day at work, I did some research and the symptoms were eerily similar to that of Coccidia or, even worse, Parvo. I called the lady (not Debbie yet) that the pup was still not feeling well and what had happened that morning, and told her that it may in fact, be Parvo. She denied it and told us that I could meet her at Petsmart and she would take the puppy to a vet to determine the symptom (oh yeah…and that it’s probably a stomach virus) with no charge to us and get him back to us when he felt better which should be “only a couple days”. We began calling her to check in on the puppy. After asking if he had been taken to “their vet” she said that they had medicine in-house that they could use to nurse him back and that he was “just a little dehydrated” and probably had a “stomach virus.” The next day I called again and she said that he’s still dehydrated with really loose stool and wouldn’t eat. I told her again that it could be Parvo, and she again denied it. On the third day, I called and she said he was now laying on a heating pad because he had not eaten in three days…oh yeah, and “yes, he does have Parvo.” Even worse, she told us two of his siblings came back a couple days ago and had Parvo as well, but just went home today because they were feeling better, except for him because he was the runt of the litter. I asked if they were planning to take him to “their vet” and she said that they were still feeding him electrolytes. By the time the end of the week rolled around, he was apparently showing minimal recovery, and after consulting with my wife’s family veterinarian out-of-state, we decided to give up the puppy. (Now Debbie comes into the picture) After multiple attempts at getting a hold of Debbie, we finally did and told her that we were going to give him back. She told us that they would be at the Petsmart again on Sunday and we could just show up, get our refund, and also get our kennel and blankets back. We showed up and while my wife went to go talk to Debbie, I walked with the other lady out to her car to get the kennel and blankets. She was scatter brained, handed me the kennel and blankets in a bag and told me that she had washed/dried the blankets (how nice). I met my wife back in the store to go talk to Debbie and told her we were there to get our adoption fee back. She snatched the envelope where they hold the money and while sifting through to look for our money, she says (and I quote), “By the way, I think what you two are doing is WRONG. We have puppies that come through here all the time that have Parvo and they always make a full recovery.” We told her that, for a new couple adopting a pet, they shouldn’t have told us that all of the puppies had their “Parvo shots” already. Her daughter came over and started asking us questions on if we would ever adopt from them again and Debbie proceeds to kick her mid-sentence and say “Oh, I’m sorry” to get her to stop talking. We talked to the Petsmart manager about our experience and they refunded us for all of the things that we had bought for the puppy and said she would talk to them about it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Well, they still have showings there, so I would imagine that either the Petsmart did nothing, or Debbie completely lied to them. Either way, they are worth the “F” they received from the Better Business Bureau, not just for their poor customer service, but also for their lack of honesty and their method of running an agency for which they obviously do not have the right knowledge or resources to run. Oh yeah, and about the blankets that she “supposedly” washed and dried. There was still urine and stool stains all over it when I removed it from the bag when we got home.


    Great Cause



  • 4. BAD

    by: HelloKC

    Unfortunately while proceeding with this adoption, I was ignorant and naive to the process. I was unprepared and unaware of what to look for and adopted the puppy in haste. While I do not regret the adoption, as I am glad I have provided the puppy a home and people that love her, I still believe the adoption group (Forever Friends Animal League in Shawnee Mission, KS) should be held accountable for their apparent neglect of pets they are putting up for adoption. The information provided by Forever Friends Animal League (Shawnee Mission, KS) for the puppy explained that the puppy was spayed/neutered, microchipped, dewormed, deflead, and all of the age appropriate vaccines. A quote from the website used to find the puppy included "puppies have age appropriate shots and wormings and the adoption fee covers the spay/neuter WHICH THEY WILL COME BACK TO OUR VET TO HAVE DONE." Their website also stated that ALL of their pets had these treatments/procedures done. The adoption was done as a same-day adoption at a neutral location and I wrote a check and signed an agreement that day. The puppy was rather dirty, as was the vehicle used to transport her. She seemed fine however, so we went through with the adoption, anxious to give the puppy a new home. Since that time we have had to get her deflead and dewormed, as she soon got the worms from the fleas. She had bloody stools likely from Coccidia that was not being treated. She also became sick a short while after adoption and had to be treated with antibiotics. The representative of the adoption group (Debbie) is reluctant to offer any assistance and rarely answers her phone which is the only means by which we have to contact her. We keep a very clean house and have no other pets or children in which these problems could have been introduced upon arrival to our home. I am not sure if there is any action that may be taken for this situation but I would like to express my thorough disappointment with this group. Their neglect of their pets and lack of honesty should be noted, and their potential customers should be warned.


    Easy Adoption