Foothills Veterinary Service

48410 N Black Canyon Highway
New River, AZ 85087

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Great vet practice in New River, AZ

    by: Alexiswalker

    I have been very impressed with these vets. When I took my sick 20 year-old cat in, they were the only ones who didn't chalk it up to old age, but actually diagnosed the problem and treated her successfully. She lived another year! The Vets are kind and caring. Place is clean and organized. They give you all the options and let you decide. They don't demand that you you follow everything they suggest. They help you find the reason for the issue so it can be avoided in the future. The office is small enough so you don't feel it is a factorty. Sometimes paying the bill can take awhile if another customer is done at the same time. Only one window for payment. They offer other services beyond veterinary. See


    Excellent vets, clean, easy to get to


    Medium pricing (not cheap), sometimes takes awhile to check out