Foothills humane society animal shelter

500 five forks road
Liberty, SC 29658

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. They need a makeover

    by: beckynalley

    They seem to have alot more pets come in than they can handle :(


    The lady was very friendly and connected me with a wonderful pet!


    smallness of shelter and the inability to have pets adopted out

  • 2. I have done Rescue's for this shelter

    by: boxerchick2007

    Once upon entering this shelter, I felt that this shelter could really use a makeover. They need a bigger facility. They do try to work with Animal Rescue's so that was a plus. I would love to see more people hearing about this shelter and donating their time to play/exercise/interact with the animals in this shelter. They need human interaction and nicer play area. It would also be great if more people would spread the word about this shelter and donate animal food, and toys. This shelter could really use more ac in the summer and heat in the cooler months. More shade area is a must. I also feel that the more educated people are about adopting a shelter pet the more the word will get out and more people will want to help adopt/rescue animals to keep from having to put them down. I wish this shelter as well as all other shelters could have a NO KILL policy in place and get an organization started where more people will want to help out with shelters and animals.


    They do try to at least work with Animal Rescues to keep from having to put poor innocent animals down.


    Could be bigger in space, have more air/heating, nicer area for animals to exercise.