Fond du lac humane society

652 triangle road
Fond du lac, WI 54935

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Helpful staff!

    by: kitten42

    WCHS was full to our brim with rabbits. Fond Du Lac Humane Society has helped us so much. They have adopted out many of our rabbits and still continue to take in more. Thank you! We really appreciate all of your help!


    They are willing to help other shelters in need with question.


    Like most shelters, I'm sure they'd be happy to have more room.

  • 2. Voluteer slowdown

    by: moriah86

    I filled out a volunteer application in high school. The staff called me two years later. A big disappointment. No comments on the rest of the building becuase I never took a tour.


    Providing shelter


    Slow response

  • 3. Great people helping animals

    by: sdetterbeck

    Any Humane Society that helps animals that have been unfortunate enough to not have a home gets my top review. Caring people helping to get animals adopted rates 10 on a scale of 1 to 5!!


    Great Place



  • 4. Fondy Humane Society

    by: Krazykat

    I and from others iv talked agree, it can be very hard to adopt a pet from FDL humane society, a place who has little room for animals, should be more accepting to giving good homes for there animals, plus when trying to talk to the staff they were very rude\nOn a good note FDL humane society is a very clean, very new shelter with very knowledgeable staff, who takes very good care of there animals


    very nice new place, takes good care of animals


    never enough room for animals, kinda rude staff

  • 5. great work with few resources

    by: wileycjm

    our shelter does a gret job caring for the animals despite a lack of space, the desperately need homes for the hundreds of animals and could definetly use a makeover. keep up the great work guys


    clean updated shelter


    lack of space

  • 6. shelter manager

    by: lucyfdlhsorg

    Overall, the shelter is great, but we could use more room. We have no education/training areas, and a spay neuter clinic would be nice.


    Very nice shelter, clean, friendly and the animals are loved


    Too small