Floyd Harbor Animal Hospital

158 Margin Drive West
Shirley, NY 11967

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Killed my pet

    by: truthbeknown

    This poor excuse for a doctor gave my pet a leathal overdose by injection.dog became blind and paralyzed! Killed my best friend. My friend had the look of terror on his face .Dog never had a chance. I will not stop till everyone Knows about this evil person.





  • 2. DANGER!

    by: justiceforall

    BEWARE! My cat almost died at her hands. If it were not for the life saving treatment another vet performed within 24 hours of leaving her office, my cat would not be here. My cat was near death, down to 5 pounds, and suffering from a severe, immovable, large impaction along the entire length of her body that she had for weeks, unbeknown to anyone because she was an indoor cat that got outside for a month when she finally came home. She was admitted as an emergency and they never took an X-ray and she sat suffering for four days. Dr. Lynch of Center Moriches saved her life by first diagnosing with an x-ray (He was shocked Dr. Etzel didn't first use an x-ray to rule-out certain conditions and diagnose) and then administering two enemas a day apart and specific solution injections into her stomach lining. It was touch and go but she pulled through only because of Dr. Lynch. DO NOT TAKE YOUR ANIMAL TO FLOYD HARBOR unless you want profoundly substandard care or the potential your animal might die from negligence. HEED THE WARNING