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5248 county road 3567
Taft, TX 78390
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  • 1. Very helpful working with other Vets

    by: judycraver57

    Dr. Floerke is a very good Vet. Very knowledgable with many different animals including large animals. He works great with the other Vets. If you go to another Vet and he can't be reached, Dr. Floerke will help you, he will even call your Vet and talk with him. He will even wait for you if you are rushing over and it is time to for him to leave. He has quit making house or country calls which is sad, not many left that do except for Dr. McCoy. Both are good guys. We are lucky to have them around and to have them work together.


    Very helpful working with other Vets


    Doesn't make house calls any more.