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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Misconceptions about FLOCK

    by: tuesdays16

    I have been a volunteer with FLOCK for 10 years, and have personally rescued and/or helped hundreds of cats. When we had our sanctuary (before it was moved to Pahrump under different management) we gave hundreds of cats and kittens a safe, happy place to call home who would have otherwise had no where else to go, who would have died on the streets on in shelters. Our biggest mistake was to move our sanctuary and put our cats under the care of who we did, because she seemed at the time the right person to manage the sanctuary. We regret that decision profusely. We asked Best Friends to help us with personnel and finances, and they took over and did everything they could to get money for their own organization and slandered us in the news. They did not put the blame on who should have gotten it and refused to listen to what actually happened. \nWe are currently trying to rebuild our good name and we have never stopped helping the cats of Las Vegas. We supply cat food and supplies to people who can't afford it, we pay for spays and neuters, we train people to trap, neuter and return, we pay vet bills for sick cats, we foster kittens and nursing mothers and place cats in loving homes.


    Willing to do anything to help cats in need


    Not enough volunteers

  • 2. FLOCK Charged with Animal cruelty

    by: deegers

    Please visit http://network.bestfriends.org/nyecounty/news/23705.html for more information on former president of FLOCK charges in Pahrump, NV and the 800+cats she was hoarding both in the 2 acre facility and in her home.


    intensions to save cats were there


    cat hoarder status