Flatiron veterinary specialists

230 s. main street
Longmont, CO 80501

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Excellent Orthopedic Specialists Too!

    by: rachelf277

    My dog Willie partially tore his cranial cruciate ligament in his back right knee. I took him to see Dr. Mathew Rooney who is awesome at meeting, greeting, and handling dogs, diagnosing ailments, and surgery. Willie had the TPLO surgery to fix his knee. After six months of a very long recovery, Willie was/is back to his crazy pre-surgery self. Although Dr. Rooney isn't great with humans, his support staff is. They helped me get through the very stressful time of taking my dog to surgery, picking him up, and most importantly the post-op care and multiple questions that come up. Willie had no infection, and while his bone was slow to heal and he got tendonitis, the support staff at the hospital helped me get through all of that. In short, Dr. Rooney's vet skills are awesome, and the support staff at the hospital is awesome at everything else.


    Excellent surgery skills & excellent human handling skills :-)



  • 2. Caring people

    by: Alicat87

    When my cat was very ill, I took her to the Emergency Clinic (in the building during nights and holidays). My vet was out of town and when the E. Clinic closed for the day, Dr. Rooney and the staff at Flatirons agreed to take care of Penny since I couldn't transfer her to my vet. Even though it really wasn't their job, they did everything they could to save my baby. Unfortunately, none of us realized what was happening to her until it was too late. Dr. Rooney called me and told me to come down, but as I was driving she died. Once I got there, everyone was so sweet to me. They even made a ceramic paw print for me without even asking. These people were so caring and HUMAN, which is sometimes hard to find. Dr. Rooney even personally called my vet when she got back and told her what had happened. I am so glad that my baby's last moments were with such great people. We need more like them.


    Wonderful staff. Very compassionate.