Five Points Pet Resort

1495 Montrose Road
Raeford, NC 28376

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Good pet resort

    by: kotterpotter

    I recently took my dog here when we left on vacation and couldn't take him. I am a pet owner who is very protective of my dog, so I wanted to make sure that he would get good care while we were gone. My vet told me about Five Points so I called them and asked if I could come and see the place for myself before making an appointment. Without hesitation, they told me to come in during business hours and they would show me around. The place was clean and the staff was willing to answer any questions that I had. Also, each room for the dogs has an indoor and outdoor area for your pet. I thought that was really nice. Also, they let us bring many of our pet's things in so that he wouldn't get too lonely or afraid. Overall, it was a great experience. They sent us home with a "report card" for our dog telling us how he was during his visit too, which was helpful. I would definitely bring my dog there again.


    They are willing to let you take a tour before you make an appointment for your pet.



  • 2. Mixed emotions

    by: ss0011

    I have very high expectations on dog resorts, simply because I love my dogs to death. When I first saw the resort, I was very impressed with it. It is in a great location - out in the "country". Nice for dogs. I did drop them off a few times, and they usually take the dogs away from you in the lobby and take them to their kennel. It is not something I like to do, so when I dropped them off the next time, I asked to take them to their kennel. I was refused with the answer that the back wasn't clean yet. Obviously this is not something that I wanted to hear, considering it was around lunch time that I dropped them off. You would guess that the kennels have been cleaned out by then. However, when I did the see the back as well as the front, it seemed clean. \r\nWhile I believe that some social time should be included in the price, you have to add these services to the stay. For a dog that gets regular exercise, paying an extra $10 for a walk, it can definitely increase the total $ amount.\r\nOnce I picked my dogs up, and one of my dogs was very scared. He doesn't like to be separated from me and my husband anyways but I never had this problem before. When I picked him up, he had his tail tucked under like he got scolded. Since then I found a new and better place in Raleigh, NC. A little further away but worth the drive.\r\n


    Very nice location


    see review