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User Reviews (11)

  • 1. Excellent care

    by: Dmsprague

    We "inherited" a stray cat named Little Dude. We needed to get him his shots, and to get him fixed as he is an outdoor cat.\r\n\r\nI was amazed at how wonderful the staff was, and Dr. Ferry was so very friendly!! I did not feel like I was being rushed! She took her time with us, and understood the "strain" of taking in another animal unplanned. \r\n\r\nThe fees were extremely resonable and we will continue to go there for ALL our pet needs.


    Friendly knowledgable staff, not expensive




    by: bordercollies

    I have had many pets. Dr. Ferry's office is wonderful. The fees are reasonable, compared to other vets around the area. The staff is very friendly, and willing to assist me in any way possible. If I have any questions about any of my pets, I don't hesitate in calling the office.





  • 3. wonderful, loving vet

    by: dambrose

    I think Dr. Ferry is an excellent vet. She is wonderful and loving. The only problem is the price, but I know they are not any higher than anyone else, it's just that it is hard to pay sometimes in these hard financial times. When I go I always ask for \r\nDiane. She is a sweetheart and the receiptionist is also.\r\n


    get my pet in quickly



  • 4. Awesome Place

    by: gizmo13601

    I got my dog Max from Diane. He came from an abusive family (apparently since he was almost dead by the time they had taken him to the office). It was rough going at first with him because he was always chewing and eating things. Diane helped us many times when Max decided to swallow something. She was very patient with us and him. We've sinced move and no longer go to Diane but I would recommend them to anyone.


    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff



  • 5. Smart People!

    by: VWLVR

    Diane is great everytime I bring one of our "babies" to her. She genuinely cares about every dog, and asks me how my other dogs are doing. I never have to wait long here, and its always clean.


    Close To Home



  • 6. Excellent with our older dog

    by: mccallp

    Diane P was our vet and she treated the dogs with respect and cared for them. She answered all my questions since I had never been a pet owner prior to my new marriage. She was very informative. The office staff has been very helpful regarding medications for our dogs with receipts being made promptly when paying for services.


    Maggie & Ivan have been treated well


    Just wish they were closer to home.

  • 7. Great Place to Go

    by: tperry

    I have been going here for many years. They are always friendly & very gentle with your pets. You can ask them anything & they are able to give you some info, they also give web sites & other resources available so you can research on your own. The staff are always pleasant. They even sent me a sympathy card for my dog when he passed away. I would recommend them to others.




    Hard to get quick appt - sometimes

  • 8. refreshing

    by: cypressnana

    how refreshing it is to find staff, who appreciates what you are doing for your pet. They handled my dog with extreme kindness, and I thank them very much.


    very friendly and effiecient


    a difference to travel

  • 9. Sick kitten visit.

    by: petparent83

    I went to take a very sick kitten in today. He has an upper respiratory infection along with some sort of eye infection. The Doctor had a cold herself, and I tried to keep things simple. She took my head off, basically blamed me for the kitten being sick, and blamed me for the stray cat (mom cat) for not having any of her shots! I tried for three dran days to get the kitten in! It's not even my kitten, but some how they blame me for all kinds of stuff.\r\n\r\nThe Doctor pretty much had me in a bad temper and in tears. Went as far as to make me feel bad for being squeezed in at 11am.. I'am never taking any of pets back to that vet office. I have never been so rudely treated.\r\n\r\n


    Short notice


    Very rude staff

  • 10. Nice place

    by: peteandamie

    Okay place to go. Sometimes the staff can be abrupt and inpersonable, but they do seem to care about your animal.


    Only clinic close to southern jefferson county


    not always accomadating

  • 11. Fantastic.

    by: brittanycean

    We have been bringing our zoo here for years. We have dogs, cats, rats, plus we're always picking up strays of all types for some reason [Dad's a sucker for a sick animal]. We have a specialized exotics vet that we use for the rats sometimes, but we've found that we can get the same treatment MUCH cheaper and with a much more personal experience with Doc Ferry. Also, we've sworn to bring all surgeries [rats commonly get mammary tumors, plus we neuter our boys for population control. It's an absolute MUST.] to Diane in the future - not only does she charge half the price of the specialists, but she does a better job cleaning up afterwards. The stitches in her surgeries are impeccably done; we had a shoddy experience with our first mammary tumor surgery about a year ago that didn't heal well and left scars.\nMany years ago, she did an emergency surgery on our first puppy who was hit by a car only a week after we got him. She completely reconstructed one hip, but warned us he may not live as full a life as other dogs. Without having had an accident like he did, a dog his size would be expected to live around 8 years. He just turned 7. We owe his continuing health to this clinic. I would recommend them to anyone in the area.


    Friendly, quick, not expensive


    Small establishment