Felton elaine vet

80 north 1st street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Dr. Felton rules!

    by: cmm2151

    I've been taking my cat and dog to Dr. Felton for two years now. Disappointed by our current vet, I'd heard really good things about Dr. Felton so decided to try something new. Our cat had developed a pretty nasty sore on his leg, and when I called Felton's office they had immediate advice, made room for me to bring him in the very next day, and, most importantly, calmed me down. As another reviewer said, Dr. Felton is very no-nonsense without being dismissive, and seems to really care about your pet. She's also connected to the excellent BARC shelter, and inexpensive. We love her.


    Awesome staff. Super-knowledgeable.


    Cramped space.

  • 2. We love Dr. Felton

    by: sharonhirsch

    I have been using Doctor Felton since I adopted my cat 3 years ago. She is great. Her staff is super nice. They always return calls, even when I just have a simple questions. Her office hours are convienient. And she is great with my cat who is difficult at the vet. \r\n\r\nWe also took our new puppy to there Dr. Felton was so gentle with her. And she answered all of our questions.\r\n\r\n


    Excellent staff & great care


    a little far from home

  • 3. great vet and helps the shelter next door

    by: coletteandtimmer

    been there with my dog and cat and the service and care has been wonderful. everything from deer ticks to pit bull attacks and they handled it all\n\n\n\n


    small, personal attention, really nice


    sometimes they are too busy to answer the phone. but they always call back