Feather & Fur Animal Hospital

9125 Manchaca Road
Austin, TX 78748

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Very understanding and kind staff

    by: austinite1660

    I had to call all over Austin to find a vet that would treat my pet rats when they had an upper respiratory infection. The vet that treated them was extremely nice and seemed very knowledgeable about exotic and specialty animals. While the visit ended up being slightly expensive for a quick trip, it was well worth it.


    Treat all kinds of animals


    Slightly expensive

  • 2. Finally found a vet I like

    by: RustyK

    Upon recommendations from a neighbor I tried a new vet here. I just wasn't satisfied with where I had been going and they were very expensive. I toured their facility before I made an appointment. They take a photo of your pet to put with their records and give you a very detailed report when you leave, including temp and heart rate. Also suggested future needs. I am making an appointment for Jazz's first teeth cleaning next week.




    none so far