Fayetteville animal shelter

1640 armstrong road
Fayetteville, AR 72701

User Reviews (14)

  • 1. nice place

    by: jewels1985

    My best friend and I went here when she adopted her pet. They are very nice and knowledgeable. They also did most of the medical procedures at a very cheap price. Highly recommended.


    lots of room



  • 2. A Friendly Place

    by: edwin761

    There are so many little lives in need of help. Spay and neuter are most important. Its great to have a place where they can be safe.


    Helps all it can


    Never enought room or money

  • 3. old but maintained to the best of their ability


    I really enjoyed picking out my dog and being able to take any dog to the park behide the shelter. I was capable to bond with dogs and learn about their personality before adoption.


    great people


    need bigger pins

  • 4. A good shelter

    by: km449

    I got my first dog here after moving to Fayetteville 16 years ago, he was a two year old mix. He is 18 now, mostly deaf and pretty much going blind, but his tail still wags and he still has mostly good days. Over the years I have stopped in the shelter just to visit the dogs and to donate a few dollars from time to time, Usally the people in the front counter area are too busy talking to each other and bs'ing to take a second to welcome you or acknowledge that you are there. This has always bothered me since they should really be trying to put out a positive feel about the place. I haven't been over there in about a year so hopefully this has changed. As far as the animals at the shelter, they seem well taken care of and their cages are usally clean, but ofter bare, blankets, towels or something like that would go a long way in helping with the comfort of the animals that are housed there.


    nice location, real good volenteer staff


    Front lobby not very friendly

  • 5. Great Shelter Great Dog Park

    by: heatherpiro

    We adopted our dog from the Fayetteville Animal Shelter. We visited several shelters in our area week after week until we found the right dog (almost four years ago now). They have a lovely "Park for People and Pets" adjacent to the shelter. It used to be that the shelter volunteers would exercise the shelter dogs in the park, and our dog could play with a big group of shelter dogs. There was a great volunteer that would come out and interact with us. Over time, the shelter rules must have changed ... because if there were shelter dogs in the park and a member of the public came with their dog, they'd take the shelter dogs back inside. I understand liability issues, but there was no communication about the change. Our dog loved playing with the shelter dogs! We've since moved away, but we do miss the Park for People and Pets and all of the lovely shelter dogs.


    Clean, friendly staff, lovely pets


    Rules vary on dog park use and interaction with shelter dogs

  • 6. Happy Pet Owner

    by: jasmine0645

    This was the third place I visited in my search for a puppy. It was the cleanest place I had been to. I got to spend at least an hour playing with my Jacee, talking to a very helpful counselor, and filling out the paper work. They spayed her and allowed me to pick her up the next afternoon. She was microchipped, given booster and rabies shots, licensed, and they even gave me some medicine for a slight cold she had. It was an awesome deal, and I got to bring home an adorable, well mannered, healthy puppy!


    microchipping, spay/neutering, free food, great vet



  • 7. FAS

    by: KimiJayne

    I adopted my dog Kobe from the FAS. The staff was very helpful. I recommend FAS to people looking for new friends on a daily basis!


    Clean, healthy, well cared for animals



  • 8. I got my baby here

    by: megapet

    I adopted my sweet beautiful dog from the Fayetteville Animal Shelter. Then in his honor, my husband and I volunteered at the the shelter once a week for about 4 hrs, for about 6months. I have seen the love that the volunteers have for the animals at this shelter. I have seen the wonderful animals that seek forever homes from this shelter. It would be wonderful if more people would spay and neuter their animals so that so many of them wouldn't end up at the shelter. \n\nI think this shelter does a great job in its current facility, and with its funding, but of course a makeover would be well deserved. I will always go to the animal shelter when looking for a pet, and I will always proudly let people know where my beautiful dog came from.


    Saving animals lives


    They don't all find homes.

  • 9. Proud to have Fayetteville Animal Shelter

    by: kimkisor1

    I have adopted two animals from the shelter in the past two-three years. They are two of the best animals anyone could ask for. We all love them, and the animals are so loving and sweet. What a blesssing to have such a great facility to help mistreated animals. Thanks so much for all you do!! It was a great experience. They are very thorough yet easy to deal with. Again, we are so lucky to have a place for our animals.\r\n\r\nThanks!!


    Friendly volunteers, Clean Facitliy


    Too many animals

  • 10. fay shelter

    by: shilohwalking

    I think the Fayetteville Animal Shelter's program is innovative and progressive. By providing adopters with a complete health care, which includes spaying or neutering, the shelter really shows its dedication to the animals that are temporarly housed there. It is a shame that so many beloved animals have to be put down, but that is our fault-- as thoughtless humans who allow our over-populated pets to breed.


    Carmen and the rest of the volunteers are great.. and for 60 bucks, you can't beat what you get


    just seeing the animals is sad

  • 11. Great shelter w/ vet on staff

    by: drworm

    This shelter is a great role model. They have a vet on staff that not only spay/neuters shelter animals, but for the community as well. Adoptees have been vet screened, microchipped, vaccinated, etc. Fayetteville Animal Shelter is helpful to other shelters in the area. An asset to the community and a great place to get a pet.


    shelter vet, great staff and facility



  • 12. My best friend

    by: ztT4MP49964876

    Six years ago I visited a dog there. I put my name on a list for him. I decided that if no one wanted to adopt him, I would take him and try to find him a home. 20 days later, I recieved a phone call stating that it was his last day. He would be euthanized at 3:00 p.m. if I did not come pick him up. This dog is amazing! I, of course, kept him. Since that time he has become the most wonderful pet. He has helped three children learn to walk, among other things. Thank you Fayetteville Animal Shelter.


    I found my best friend there.


    The staff was brand new at the time. The place was really crowded and in need of a good cleaning.

  • 13. TThey Rock with great pets

    by: ScubaSteve

    The staff really care about the animals and work 24/7 to take care of them. They have a vet on staff full-time only three other shelters in the state have one and they were the first. They microchip every adoptable animal! The staff and volunteers work day and night to get the animals out there everywhere around town. Go see them and adopt today!! Save a life ADOPT and they spay/neuter every animal that is adopted and offer low cost spay/neuter - No excuses not to decrease our overpopulation of orphaned pets!!!!!


    Great staff very clean take awesome care of the animals


    Location not great

  • 14. Well named

    by: arankin

    This shelter is a great place to meet the next member of your family. Very clean facilities and caring staff members.


    Very clean and a likeable staff.