Fayette county animal control center

Rt. 16 north fayette county park road
Fayetteville, WV 25901

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Caring and compassionate staff

    by: rxlady

    I recently got a puppy form FCACC. He is the most wonderful little bundle of fur. I drove over 3 hours to get to the shelter, but it was worth every mile. The staff seemed very compassionate, in spite of their limitations as far as funding. I will definely doante to their cause.\r\n The puppy was healthy and energetic.


    Serene location


    Limited funding

  • 2. My Matilda came from here.....

    by: shewolf1231

    The staff at the FCACC is wonderful. They are very helpful and informative. They try to do what is best for the animals with the limited resources that they have. I fully recommend this facility. My daughter (13) volunteers and loves it.


    Very pet friendly and informative


    a little ways out in the country and hard to get to sometimes