Fair winds cabins

11 miles south of steelville
Cherryville, Mo 65446

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  • 1. Comfy Country Retreat

    by: cherries33

    Birdsong: This is a nice, clean little cabin with modern conveniences. Nice bathroom, double bed, satellite, full kitchen, a bar-b-que, a large porch and jacuzzi tub but no shower. Most cabins are not within sight of each other\n\nIt's not on a river but near creeks, caves and pastures of horses. There is also a small old country cemetery nearby. The town nearest has some little antique shops and sometime the town has various little festivals.\n\nBirdsong is one of the two smallest cabins and is decorated with tasteful little bird things. Most other cabins are larger and can accommodate a much larger number of people.\n\nThe woman who owns the cabins lives on the property and has a dog. She seemed quite happy to allow dogs in her cabins.\n\ncontact: [email protected]\nwebsite: http://www.fairwindscabins.com/


    Modern cabin, gas fireplace


    Small clearing in very dense woods