Exmoor Pet Care Services

7107 Brodie
Austin, TX 78745

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Good enough training facility for your average dog

    by: Peanutbutter6Ruba5

    Not a great choice for my fear aggressive dog. Trainer did not recognize the extent of my dogs issues. The group setting was overwhelming for my dog and probably did more harm than good. My dogs issues are abnormal though and it takes a really experienced trainer to recognize this.


    Good enjoyable class for basic obedience, liked the outdoor setting even though it was an old tennis court (3yrs ago)


    I would not recommend for aggressive dogs due to limited experience of trainers

  • 2. Good for grooming, wouldn't board again

    by: angelinazoom

    We were happy with the results when we took our dog there to be groomed, but when we left him there to be boarded we ended up paying out the nose for the tiniest bit of extra attention. I got the impression he was locked up all weekend without any playing that we didn't explicitly pay for. No other place in the city operates like that. He had barked himself hoarse, which hasn't occurred at any of the other places we've boarded him since. We haven't gone back.


    good professional grooming


    don't think they pay much attention to boarded dogs

  • 3. Caring for the furbabies

    by: lambrhondal

    Pets like special treatment just as we do. It is good to see services that address the needs of our little ones. They feel so good after a special treat.


    Helping the animals