Executive Dog, Inc.

105 Sconticut Neck Rd.
Fairhaven, MA 02719

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  • 1. form your own opinions but I wasn't treated very nicely

    by: minnie6565

    When I was looking for a doggie day care for my puppy I called everyone in the phone book. I called and asked questions. My animals are like my children I love them and want them to be safe. When I called Executive Dog, Inc. she was very short with me on the phone. She asked what kind of dog I had when I told her she was a lab/australian cattle dog mix that I had adopted from a shelter she was like ohhhh well you have to fill out an aplication and your dog might not be approved. Also I was told that the dogs were crate for 2 hours every day for mandatory nap time and if they barked or created a disturbance you had to pick them up immediatly and they could not return. She also told me that whatever question I had would have to wait until after my dog was approved and was there on her trial day. I didn't like being told I could ask questions or that since my dog was not purebreed and from a shelter she was not good enough. They are all dogs and should be allowed to play together.


    some people seem happy with them


    crate your dog for mandatory nap time, didn't seem happy that i had a mix breed shelter puppy