Evesham Veterinary Clinic

800 Route 73 South
Marlton, NJ 08053

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  • 1. Evesham Vet Clinic

    by: imissstorm

    Dr. Bell is the best vet I've ever been to. You cannot fake that kind of gentleness towards animals. I was first turned onto Dr. Bell by Saved Whiskers when my cat Grasshopper was sick. He got FIP and went down hill really quickly. I never saw it coming and it was too late but it is always fatal anyway. I was desperate for a vet to tell me what I wanted to hear and had been to 3 other vets in the area. Most were tactless and told me to put him down immediately. They were all jerks. Saved Whiskers told me to take him to Dr. Bell Sr. and I did. He didn't lie to me, he told me it is always fatal but I was able to hang onto my sweet loyal boy of 20 years for another week or two because Dr. Bell drained the fluid from him. When it was time he was so gentle with my boy. I have another cat, Cougar, also 20. He had an infection in his mouth from a tooth and couldnt be touched on the face. Dr. Bell was able to touch him without hurting him and was so gentle with him. When I have had to put down my animals I was given as much time as I needed and I needed a long, long time. Most recently, I had to put down my dobie Storm when her kidneys failed. Again, I needed at least an hour to be with her and no one bothered me or rushed me out. Dr. Bell is very experienced and I will not go anywhere else.


    Dr. Bell is the best vet I've ever been to and there's been a lot


    Cant think of any

  • 2. A really Great Vet clinic

    by: jerseybear

    At evesham Vet Clinic, Dr. Bell was really nice to our sick boy Rezin. The hospital even worked with us on a payment option. after getting turned down for the care credit we have been able to pay the hospital a small amount each month towards our not so big bill. It's a reasonable priced clinic and the staff is more then welcoming. I also like the 3 house cats they have who roam around. If i myself can't get to a doctor i am sure that my animals always can.


    Always accomadating.


    It's a doctor... what else can i say

  • 3. the only place i will take my pets

    by: mjhilltaxman

    i love the doctors at this office. the staff is pretty good too. i've gone to many vets locally, but never would go anywhere else.


    close to home, great staff, reasonable rates



  • 4. Great Vet

    by: Fishy1

    This review is based on experiences with our cat Skeeter: The staff is friendly and knowledgable. The staff and doctors take time for and work well with even finicky pets. Out of all of the vets I've used before, I have the impression that they are looking out more for my pets well-being than trying to sell products and services. Highly recommended and affordable pet care.


    Large waiting area, great hours and affordable!


    None yet!

  • 5. Dr. Regester is the best!

    by: dover03

    I take both my cat and dog to this vet. Originally my cat saw Dr. Reetz, who is no longer there, but was great. Then the cat saw Dr. Bell who is great as well. For their last exams both the cat and dog saw Dr. Michelle "Mikk" Regester. She was awesome and incredibly knowledgeable. The offices may not be as fancy as some, but I for one am more concerned with the knowledge of the doctors and the staff that cares for my pets. They are my priority, not the ambience of the office. If you are looking for a vet in the area I HIGHLY recommend this one.


    Compassionate, knowledgeable doctors.


    None so far.

  • 6. Thank you for your kindness

    by: ranger333

    On Decembewr 28, 2007 my cat Kineo had a seizure. Our vet was not yet in the office, so the staff diverted us to Evesham. None of my pets had ever gone there, but they welcomed us during our crisis. Sadly, by the time we arrived Kineo had died. The Evesham staff didn't know me from Adam, but they treated me with such kindness and Kineo with respect. I will never forget your kindness or professionalism. Thank you Evesham staff.


    Wonderful staff



  • 7. Satisfied Customer

    by: kpalez

    Evesham Vet clinic saved the life of my cat who was in the hospital for 5 days w/ an acute kidney failure. She underwent surgery and almost didn't make it. The doctors knowledge and quick thinking saved my little angle's life.


    Able to get an appointment quickly, Vets are friendly enough.


    Vet staff does not keep you updated on pet's condition.

  • 8. Great vet

    by: amastro929

    I have always had a positive experience when taking my cat to this clinic. He has had a couple of illnesses and they always fix him right up.


    great vet clinic


    staff is a bit unpersonable