Everett animal shelter

2732 36th street
Everett, WA 98201
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Awesome Shelter

    by: Kitkat12

    I first came to this shelter to look for another cat but never found one, but everyone was pretty nice and let me hold any cat I wanted. They also let my class at sno-isle technical school use some of their animals to study with. Im glad that they were willing to support our education about dogs and cats!


    Clean, nice staff


    The dogs are always barking and wish they had more volunteer opportunities

  • 2. The only public shelter

    by: sheltervt

    EAS is the ONLY public animal shelter in all of Snohomish County. They take in strays form virtually everywhere in this county, one of the most populous in the state. Because they cannot turn surrendered animals away when they run out of room, they do have to euthanize regularly... but they do the absolute best that they can, and are doing great work.


    great selection of dogs and cats; cleanest shelter around


    short staffed; relatively high euthanasia rate

  • 3. not good shelter

    by: dakota2391

    I went hear to look for my pit bull puppy that we had just gotten that a friend of ours was watching. she was there and we went to the desk to get her they aid we needed a bill of sale or vet records well we hadn't gotten her her shots yet so we went to get a bill of sale but they wee closing in 5 minutes we couldn't go get the bill of sale and them come back so we came back the next day. well they wouldn't let us take her because some dumb chick said that we asked to adopt when we had ask to interact with her to make sure she was ours. so they wouldn't let us take her home and wouldn't tell us if she was uthinized or rescue. this shelter deserves to be shut down





  • 4. Saving Animals

    by: lambrhondal

    It is so great to read the words of a satisfied customer at a shelter. You are doing all you can to help the animals in your community and I commend you. Wish there were more shelters that could get these good words.


    Working for the animals



  • 5. Great Shelter

    by: chele14

    I love this shelter. We adopted 3 of our 4 animals from this shelter. They are a spacious sized shelter that keep animals for as long as possible. They work with a lot of the local rescues to help out, and have a lot of foster volunteers to help out with housing. All of the employees as well as volunteers are very nice, and knowledgable who you can tell genuinely care about the animals there. \r\n\r\n