Evansville animal control

815 uhlhorn street
Evansville, IN 47710
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Still unsure-needs work

    by: klpowell2

    I lost one of my cats a few weeks ago(she is home now thank goodness!) but i went to Animal Care and Control to look for her. The person at the front desk when I went was very unfriendly! I told her what my cat looked liek but she cut me off and said they do not take descriptions of the animals brought in, and I would just have to come at least every three days to see if my cat was there, otherwise it may be put to sleep if it was brought in and unclaimed. I was rather shocked at this considering I was visibly upset i felt she could have used a little more care. I know she probably gets that a lot but show a little compassion! As I looked through the kennels for my cat I got even more upset at the conditions of the shelter. It smells horrible I think probably due to lack of ventilation, many of the dogs have nothing to sleep on except the soiled pen floor. I know they do not get much funding, but I have also never seen any type of a fundraiser advertised by them... I left the facility w/ even more tears streaming down my face. Maybe I just had a bad experience with the shelter but the person who I spoke with was pretty cold, and the shelter conditions were pretty shocking to me.


    Looks like they are trying to make improvements


    Not very clean,

  • 2. Improving

    by: sfarmer67

    This place is improving but still has room for more improvement. Bad management in the past led to sub-standard care for the animals and a very short hold period before animals were euthanized. Hope it continues to improve.




    euthanize too quickly

  • 3. Improvement

    by: mikejenstacy

    Years ago we had an extremely tiny shelter that consisted on a office and stacked animal crates with puppies and kittens in them. I remember my parents took me there to adopt a puppy when I was about 10 years old. Some of the puppies were in half plastic barrels I guess because there wasn't anywhere else for them to be. We abopted 2 of them instead of 1...we had to do something to help.\r\nOver the years our shelter has opened a new facility that is much nicer and has much more room. The shelter is always clean when we visit but extremely full. I use this opportunity to show our daughter how important it is to spay & neuter. It's heart breaking to know what their future holds...we can only hope for the best and support our shelters the best we can.


    Much better than it used to be


    bleak futures

  • 4. Just hope your pet doesn't end up here

    by: sarahmarshall04

    All I can say is just pray every night your dog never gets out of your yard and is picked up. The staff is rude and uncaring. The dogs are treated horrible there. I feel awful for dogs that go in there.


    At least they try to adopt out