Eva burrell animal shelter

6091w us-2
Manistique, MI 49854

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Clean Friendly Atmosphere

    by: angiebugg33

    My daughter and I visit often to see all the kittens, dogs, and cats. All the staff are very nice and know everything about all the animals they have. It's always clean. You can tell the animals get alot of attention, they seem to be happy all the time. All the staff do such a good job at everything they do. Keep up the good work, my daughter and i love to visit you whenever we can. Angela


    All animals are taught basic obediance.


    Could use seperate dog chamber for sick ones.

  • 2. Well Managed

    by: LUV4LABS

    We have adopted a couple of pets from this shelter over the years and the staff is always very helpful in placement and training. They really do their best to match the right pet to the right owner.


    very caring staff


    limited hours

  • 3. A wonderful Place for homeless Pets to be loved and Cared for

    by: stacie83

    I am the granddaughter of Eva Burrell who the shelter is named after. When I was younger I remember going to her house and it being over run with animals that she had acquired from so many different ways. I would try to hold each and everyone to make sure that they felt loved and cared for. People would drop them off on her doorstep in boxes or tie them to her front door so that she found them when she woke up in the morning. People would call as ask if they could drop them off at her house because they didnt want them anymore for whatever reason. My grandma never turned down the oppportunity to help an animal whether big or small in need. Animals are a part of her life and its one of the things that keeps her happy and young at heart. Even to this day she manages to come across animals with out homes and she takes them in. Her house is never in absence of an animal and thats the way she prefers it. She wouldnt have it any other way.


    A very loving staff and volunteers


    I cant think of a bad thing to put

  • 4. Our shelter is great!

    by: EBAS

    All of our dogs are get leash training, and love to go for walks. Several of our volunteer/board members train our dogs and work with them several times a week. Dogs are walked daily by volunteers.\r\nWe have 2 colony rooms, one for kittens and one for adult cats. Very few cats are in cages, unless they are in quarantine, and all are people handled daily....lots of loving is handed out to our animals, because we want to show them how great love can be.


    We have great volunteers and board members.


    not enough $$$

  • 5. Wonderful Shelter

    by: JakeandFancy

    This is a very kind shelter with kind people working there. Theres been a beagle there for a while that if I could I would take in. But they won't put him down because it's a quality of life shelter. I hope and pray that dog finds a home, and these people are blessed for caring about the animals so much.


    Caring, Nice, and determined.


    none at the moment.