Erath county humane society

P.o. box 2006
Stephenville, TX 76401
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Small Place with Big Hearts

    by: Kariz0rz

    I won't lie and say that the Erath County Humane Society is the best society around. I believe they do the best with what they have financially and they have no one to blame but the citizens of the county and state laws about the amount given to such a facility. Yes, the buildings are small. Yes, it is a kill shelter. Yes, it's too small for the size of this county (I believe). There's a lot of improvements that I wish could be made. It's ran by wonderful people, so that's definitely not one of the things in need of improvement. They need more land, more buildings, more kennels, more pen areas for dogs to exercise, more crates for cats (or better yet perhaps a cat ROOM). I wish they could afford to spay and neuter every animal that comes into the shelter. I wish they could ENFORCE the law which is that it is REQUIRED to spay and neuter any animal adopted there...but the resources just aren't available to them. It's generally a very clean environment and the people running it definitely mean well and have big hearts for animals that have been neglected. Animals entering the shelter have about a 14% chance of being adopted as of the year 2008 (Jan-Oct...I never retrieved the data for the rest of the year). 2,328 animals were received by the shelter during those ten months, 190 of which were reclaims (ie LOST animals), 313 were adopted, and 1,825 were euthanized. It's a sad reality that most of us are unaware of or choose to look away from. Yes it costs more money up front to spay/neuter your animals (you get some of the money you spent adopting the animal put towards that bill if you save your adoption form), but the benefits of doing it greatly outweigh it! Your pets are more likely to live a longer, healthier life if they're spayed / neutered, saving you money in future vet bills, which I assure you will add up much quicker.


    Good intentions


    Limited funding

  • 2. know ur facts

    by: thumperinwranglers

    They do the best job the can, unfortunatly they cant save every animal. All u that put them down about pitbulls dont know wat u r talking about. they have adopted some out but u got to realize they can not adopt out a dog that shows aggression no matter the breed. they are limited on space and have to focus their efforts on the ones that r more likely to be adopted. it sucks and no one likes it but it has to be this way. i have seen a few of the pits that have come in that were aggressive. yes, it aint the dogs fault but the last owner. u also have to realize if they were to adopt out a dog that shows agression and then it bites someone the pound coulod be liable. it isnt their fault its the people who own this dogs and mistreat them. Be upset with them not the people who r tryin to help. also know ur facts. its just not pits, its any dog that shows agression


    nice people who try to help


    not big enough building

  • 3. Animal Killers

    by: Sarah88

    These people make me sick. They kill Pitbulls just because they dont want the liability and because they believe that they are mean dogs no matter what. Once a Pitbull ends up on their door step, they will get euthenized, even if the dog is sweet and gentle. Why would you ever want to adopt from a place that is just so cruel? They could send them up north to the Boston area where dogs have a chance and Pitbulls do not get put to sleep just because, instead the shelters will wait until they find a home. My Pitbull was in a shelter for a month before I adopted her, and she is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me! She is sweet and gentle. These animal killers should not even have a Human Society because there is nothing Humane about them. They are terrible people, and I cant believe people could do this. This animal shelter makes me SICK!!!! Maybe Texas should think about making it a LAW to spay and nuter your dogs because clearly this state cant act in a Humane way! These people at this shelter deserve to be put to sleep! YOUR IGNORANT PEOPLE!




    They are terrible people

  • 4. OK

    by: maurine

    there an ok shelter the animals love it so its good


    good animals


    bad building

  • 5. BAD

    by: savannathacker

    this shelter needs help its not in good shape


    great people


    not much room