Emma Long Metro Park Off Leash Area

1600 City Park Road
Austin, TX 78730

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Really great trails

    by: ATXBrooke

    I took both of my dogs here a few months ago. They had so much fun and really enjoyed the hike. I plan on bringing them back a bunch when the weather is nice. My only complaint is that the whole park is off-leash. My dogs cannot be off leash (one has aggression issues), so it would be nice if there was a small section of the park that was "on-leash." But, I will definitely bring them here again. It's fun for the whole family (and great exercise!).


    Gorgeous trails, fun for dogs


    All off-leash

  • 2. Great Park

    by: pkobasic1

    This is a great park for working off excess energy since it is 3 miles long. However, I wouldn't go here all the time because it is not free.


    Great park - dogs love it


    Not free

  • 3. Nice park, lots of woods

    by: AnneChild

    So much to do. Hike and play in the water. Good hills for a good work out.


    hill, trees, water


    out a winding road

  • 4. I loooove this trail

    by: angelinazoom

    Turkey Creek is a fantastic off-leash trail. Bring your own poop bags and plenty of water because it's three miles long. You can leave your bags on the side of the trail, and grab them on your way back because there aren't any trash cans. Sometimes good citizens pick 'em up for you, so you can always return the favor. It's just a great place to spend a couple of hours on a nice day, splashing through the creek and getting some exercise on the hill. Love it!


    Beautiful trail, good exercise.


    No trash cans

  • 5. great park

    by: ShellySmith

    great park for the dogs or kids





  • 6. A fantastic, private feeling trail

    by: whickums

    This trail is a 2.75 mile loop within Emma Long Metropolitan Park. It's the only area within this park where dogs are allowed off leash. It's a relatively easy hike most of the way with about a 100 foot elevation change. Most of the year the trail criss-crosses a running creek (Turkey Creek) but it's usually not too deep to cross. There is a good group of volunteers who are proactive in keeping the trail clean and well maintained. Most people who use this trail have their dogs with them, and most are good about picking up after their dogs. I really like hiking this trail because even when there are a lot of people using it there is not a lot of interaction; the trail provides a nice, quiet environment that makes you feel you have the place all to yourself.


    sense of privacy, quiet, well kept trail


    none that i can think of