Emergency veterinary clinic ohlone

1618 washington blvd
Fremont, CA 94539

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  • 1. Terrible experience

    by: bathmatcat

    the night i found a dehydrated stray kitten i rushed her here to see what could be done. the girl at the desk was so rude to me, and i had to wait almost an hour with a wailing kitten before the doctor came in. she told me the kitten had an eye infection (i'm not a doctor and i knew that) and that she was dehydrated (duh!). they kept suggesting that i put the kitten down because she didn't take to the bottle the first time they shoved it in her face. \r\n\r\ni walked away with almost no new information and a $400 bill. \r\n\r\ni had to take her to a vet again in two days because she was still dehydrated. on a second opinion i found out she had parasites, and that it is common practice to give strays a pill to de-worm them on their first visit. \r\n\r\nhuge bills for terrible service and inexperienced "vets". \r\n\r\nno thanks to them my kitten is doing well, i persisted with the bottle and she made full a recovery and is now part of the family (Chompsky).\r\n


    Place was cleanish, and open at the odd hour I needed someone.


    Sadly, the staff was uninformed and I had to wait a long time with a dehydrated 2 week-old kitten mewling next to me.