Emerald city dog spa

526 b. route 25a
Rocky point, NY 11778

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Insulting & Poor care..

    by: Chesterthehusky

    Just got my Husky back from a grooming at Emerald City Dog Spa in Rocky Point NY & was asked to "NEVER COME BACK" because my dog, as they put it "Pissed & S**t" during his 2 hours there... I had been there one time before & the service was fine but this time was very insulting... As I was leaving the tall (6'5) man tried to tell me "IF" my dog ever comes back, don't feed him beforehand??? This is a dog grooming, boarding & spa business that can't handle a dog doing his or her business?? That's what dogs do.... I'll go back to Wags to Woof mobile grooming, it's cheaper, he comes to your house & he doesn't insult you.. Lastly, they didn't get all the fur off of him (for $60.00) which I specifically asked them to do.. I brushed him as soon as we got home & took a ton of hair off & he also smells now so I have to give him a bath.. he didn't smell when I brought him there.. So I basically paid $60 bucks to be insulted & do the work myself anyway.. Goodbye Emerald City Dog Spa!




    many (see review)

  • 2. "There's No Place Like Home"


    I loved how happy Dreyfus was to return there. He was very clean when he came home and he was dapper in his bandanna. They took good care of my wonderful boy. A few days after I picked him up they sent me a beautiful picture of him. I found it to be very nice.


    Local, clean, friendly, understanding of special needs


    I found it to be a little expensive.