Elmore spca

P.o. box 326 510 arther road
Peru, NY 12972
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Liars!

    by: KayLB8790

    Terrible staff, will act nice but half the time don't know what they are talking about. They adopted out a dog to a person told them it was young and neutered. Turned out the dog was old and un-neutered. I went there and they tried to get me to adopt a dog that was food possessive and animal aggressive after I specifically said that I have other animals and I can't have a dog that is going to be aggressive or possessive. They lied right to my face and said she was good with animals and not food possessive. The dog then went after a cat and tried to bight at the worker when she went to take its food away. \n They also adopt out puppies when they are only 5-6 weeks old. Puppies may be able to survive away from their mom at that age, but it can affect their behavior latter on if taken away to early. It is best to keep puppies with their mom until they are 8 weeks of age. Not to mention the manager Kelly Allen uses shelter funds to care for her personal animals. She also owns at least one wolf hybrid which is illegal in NY state unless you have a special permit, which she doesn't.


    some what clean, will take in many different animals



  • 2. GREAT!

    by: MCatanzarite

    We originally had gone to the Adirondack Humane Society, had a very bad time with them, so found a beautiful kitten at the Elmore SPCA! The staff was wonderful, one of the staff members told us "she can sense a good home and she knew we could provide one!" We adopted a fiesty little calico who we just love to pieces! GREAT PLACE!


    Wonderful Staff!