Elmhurst animal care center

850 south riverside drive
Elmhurst, IL 60126
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Overall good care

    by: erinp1177

    This is the first veterinary practice that I have ever used, as I just got my first dog a year and a half ago. Due to various ailments and injuries I have been to the vet a lot! They operate on a first come-first served basis, so you don't have a set appointment time. That has worked well for me as I usually go on a weekday morning. The weekends and sometimes evenings are very busy, and the wait times can be long. They usually just assign you to whichever vet is available, but you can request a particular doctor if you like. I have only seen three of the vets there, and I really liked 2 of them. I was not too pleased with the attitude of the 3rd. I usually request one of the 2 that I like, and there is no problem with that. Sometimes I feel like (after waiting for a while) that we are rushed through our visit. I always have a list of questions with me, and I get to ask them all, it just seems rushed. Some of the staff at the reception desk seem clueless! No one has ever been rude, but not always overly friendly. I don't know how the prices compare to other vet practices, but it seems expensive to me. Overall I have been pleased with the care and patience of the veterinary doctors at this practice. I have recommended this center to others.


    Doctors available 7 days/week, full service facility


    Not always best customer service, wait times can be long

  • 2. One of the best near Elmhurst

    by: curlygurl

    It's so nice to finally have a good quality animal center nearby my parent's house in Elmhurst. My mom and I have frequently taken our animals to Elmhurst Center and the service there has always been very good. The staff is nice and very knowledgeable about all kinds of illnesses and behavior. They have doctors, dental services and also a kennel for keeping dogs and cats over night or when you need to board them for a vacation. And if one of our animals had to be put down, Elmhurst Center sends you a card in the mail later that week expressing their condolences and all of the doctors and staff sign the card. This is truly one of the best animal care centers near Elmhurst and I encourage everyone who lives in Elmhurst to check it out!


    Very knowledgeable staff and very polite.


    wait can sometimes be very long

  • 3. New Pet Owner

    by: crsnyder

    I am a new pet owner and actually have had to make more trips to the vet than I originally expected. I have had mixed results from all my visits. I noticed in my visits that although the doctors are friendly, I feel rushed when talking with them, even when it is not crowded! The weekends are extremely crowded, but during the week you get right in. I thought a few of the nurses were extremely friendly and patient where others were rude and not helpful at all. It all depends on who you get to help you. They are great in the sense they will match any price on medications, so that has been very helpful. I like the fact that they are available on Sundays and have numerous services right in one place. Like I stated, I am a new pet owner and will continue here to see how it is but I don't have much to compare this vet to!


    Sunday Hours, Large Facility with Grooming, Boarding, Training, etc.


    Expensive, Lack of Customer Service

  • 4. A good large facility

    by: budjen

    We board our dogs there and are overall satisfied. The biggest problem is that the front desk tends to be disorganized and you often have to wait even when no one else is there. The people who work the front aren't always as well trained as they might be. On the other hand, there are definite advantages to boarding at a hospital, especially one with Sunday hours. One of our dogs had a stroke while he was staying there, and the staff, especially Dr. Faye, were wonderful. We talked regularly on the phone about his condition. When he boarded again, they checked his vital signs every day and kept a close eye on him.


    The doctors are very good and they have Sunday hours.


    Front desk is disorganized and always seems to have trainees.