Elm Creek Park Reserve

13080 Territorial Road
Dayton, MN 55369

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. A great place to let your dog be a dog

    by: jptaylor

    Elm Creek Park Reserve is is a fairly large park reserve that offers an variety of outdoor activities including several miles of trails, horse areas and a fenced in dog park. The dog park contains nearly 30 acres of space where dogs can be dogs without the confines of a leash. Most of the area is wooded, with some open areas and even a small pond or wetland area. There is a small daily fee to enter the dog park, but it is free if you have an annual permit to the park system. There is no attendant at the dog park so they use an honor system, and I am guessing there may be a hefty fine if you get caught not paying! This park is probably best for larger dogs who really like to get out on their own. Smaller dogs could be lost if they get away from you (but they are still within the confines of the fence). Since it has a pond and some wetlands, if your dog is any bit curious, you may end up with a muddy and wet pooch at the end of your visit.


    Feels like you are in the wilderness inside city limits


    Small dogs could easily get temporarily lost

  • 2. $5

    by: MindyE

    My yorkie loves the park, but the only bad thing is you have to pay to get in. The price is only $5, but the first time we went, my husband did not realize you had to pay the box. So we go a ticket for $130.




    You have to pay to get in.