Elliott robert j dvm

1401 reed dr
Fargo, ND 58105

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great Service

    by: BenjaminR

    Dr. Elliott has treated our cat Oliver for years. His approach is personable and he keeps Oliver very healthy. Very thankful for his services!


    Reasonable & Mobile


    Limited Service

  • 2. Avoid this vet at all costs

    by: DebraMeow

    I don't like to use this site to really speak ill of a vet, but this review is based on what I read in a local newspaper article and what I heard from my own vet. The local Fargo newspaper, The Forum, wrote an article on this veterinarian in October 2008. In this article, it was disclosed that Dr. Elliott was not licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the state of Minnesota. Instead of being fined or sanctioned, Dr. Elliott was just asked not to adminster vet care in MN. Can you imagine what would have been done to an MD who wasn't licensed to practice human medicine in MN? In addition, the newspaper article said that a Fargo woman had lodged a complaint with the state of ND against Dr. Elliott for over-vaccinating her senior cat. She had only wanted to have her cat get a rabies booster, and Dr. Elliott administered more vaccinations thant he rabies booster. Her cat was already rather fragile and in poor health. My own personal vet has told me that he gets the mis-managed and mis-diagnosed animals that were initially treated by Dr. Elliott. The owners finally got a clue when their animal's health didn't improve and decided to see another vet. Dr. Elliott needs to retire. If you value your pet's life and need a DVM who makes house calls, use Mobile Moose Housecalls for Pets. Dr. Carol Kurtyka provides basic vet service in your home. She used to work at Southgate Veterinary Hospital, and I heard is very good.


    Makes house calls.


    Does not have a license to practice veterinary medicine in Minnesota.