Elliott Dog Park

Mill Road
Rockford, IL 61108

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Lacey.

    by: LOV3iiS4LOS3Rz13

    My dogs played for about 2 hours straight (with a couple water breaks). They loved that park. It is a little far away and I dont get to get out there that much but when I do my dogs go crazy(in a good way).


    Lacey and cody loved it.


    It was a tad crowded when i was there.

  • 2. Mixed feelings

    by: ladydianna1951

    Luckily this park has 2 fenced areas, so you can sometimes get away from the owners who do not take this time to interact with their animals, and use it as a social gathering instead. Too many owners who do not pick up after their dogs and there is no real supervision.


    Leash Free Environment


    Irresponsible Owners