Elkhart county humane society

54687 county road 19
Bristol, IN 46507

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Genuine love and compassion.

    by: debbiespetgrooming

    The staff at the Humane Society are wonderful. They have a genuine love for the animals they care for. The staff is friendly and helpful and I just can't say enough positive things about them. They treat every animal as though they are a special angel from God, which they absolutley are. These poor animals who are heartlessly dumped into the night deposit boxes by cruel, uncarring monsters, must be scared to death, are then received into the loving arms of the staff. Sadly, there is a need for the night deposit boxes, for those spinless wonders who would just as soon dump their pet out of their car on some street corner or park. Some people really should not be allowed to have children and or pets. It's sad that there is a need for shelters but I am thankful they exist. My only wish is that they would stop the practice of euthanizing old, sick, or aggressive animals. Personally, I think the owners of these animals should be euthanized and the animal provided for the rest of their natural life!


    Staff truely loves and cares for the animals



  • 2. Clean Shelter with Dedicated Staff

    by: Eabays

    The Shelter does a great job with their building. The building is old, but is well kept and clean.\r\n\r\nThe staff is very dedicated to the animals. Has a great volunteer group that conducts fundraisers and adopt-a-pet events.


    Clean and organized, dedicated staff


    Need more space and kennels with outside access

  • 3. Great Shelter

    by: jbewings

    I have volunteered at this shelter for a few years and the current executive director has made many great improvements. The facility is clean and the animals are very well cared for. The staff are all animal lovers and care deeply about the wellfare of all the animals they take in. \r\nThere are many great cats to choose from so if you are looking for a new forever cat friend this is the place to go! The dogs are great too, just fewer of them.


    Lots of great cats to choose from.


    Building is old, need a new, larger facility.

  • 4. Shelter with a heart.

    by: sbutler1976

    I have volunteered @ this shelter. They really appreciate the help. It is being run better & more organized. They are also looking to move to a new building. That would help alot more animals with added space, possible a/c that is affective. This shelter really takes care of the animals there. If you want to support a shelter this one is worth your effort. If you want to volunteer they would love to have your help.


    Is cleaner, more organized, takes care of alot of animals.


    Not a no kill center

  • 5. nice and clean shelter

    by: Jena63

    Very clean shelter with a huge choice of cats and dogs.\r\nLots of different breeds to choose from.\r\nIn the process of reloacating to a new location once they have a new shelter built.


    Nice clean shelter with great choice of animals


    Not a great location