Elk Valley Veterinary Hospital

113 Frame Road
Elkview, WV 25071

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. #1, amazing veterinary clinic

    by: futurevet91

    The best thing you can ever do for your pets is to take them to Elk Valley Veterinary Hospital! I've taken my dogs there for years. The facilites are spotlessly clean and all the equipment (centrifuges, X-ray machines, etc) is up-to-date, and you can board your dog or cat there too. Everyone there is so concerned about the animals..I have not had one altercation or instance in which any vet techs, receptionists, or veterinarians were rude, hurried, or uncaring. The vet techs are well-trained professionals who know how to do their job right. The vets there, Dr. Amy Isaac, Dr. Amy Keith, Dr. Amy Leadmon, and Dr. Robert Marshall are truly amazing people. All the vets are smart and professional. Dr. Marshall is the one I usually see. He is always warm and personable with clients, gentle and unhurried with the animals, and I can tell he truly loves his job. I hope that one day I can be a vet like him. So go to Elk Valley Veterinary Clinic and prepare to be pleased! p.s.~ The vets there also go out and do farm calls for horses, cattle, goats, etc. also, or you can bring them in--they have a livestock facility in the back of the clinic.


    All the staff are friendly and helpful. Since it's a small clinic, the veterinarians really try to get to know each owner/patient. Plus, they really do try to keep the prices down as much as possible.


    I honestly can't think of a single con to this clinic.

  • 2. Great experience

    by: kcwashere2

    I have been volunteering here for about four years and put in about a total of 400 hours. It has been a great experience and I have learned alot. I recomend anyone who is interested in being a vet to volunteer at a local vet hospital. It will help you decide if it is really the career for you.


    Great Staff


    Sometimes it is short staffed

  • 3. Elk Valley Vet Clinic

    by: Jewels297

    Every since I was 5 I have wanted to be a vet. Now at 17 I had a chance. For the past three summers I have volenteered at this hospital and know the facility and staff very well. I can esure all owners out there that behind closed doors thier animal is in the best hands. I have had the privledge to watch these talented doctors at work and thier knowledge and talent sometimes amazes me. My family has used this vet clinic my whole life. Both my cat, Otis, and dog, Millie, have had major surgery there. Both times they pulled through successfully. The bright and energetic staff will make you feel at home and at ease in this less then stressful atmosphere. The clinic is small with only about 3 vets on staff at a time but the wait is worth it if you want the best!


    This vet clinic has a very knowledgeable staff of very kind and caring people. Not only do they treat your animal like it was thier own they also take time to get to know the owner.


    The only con I would say is the office is small so the wait can be very long.