El dorado county animal control

2301 coolwater creek road
Placerville, CA 95667
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. mini's adopted

    by: horsecreek

    they facilitated rescuing 70 animals in a siezure...of those 70 I assisted in adopting 5 mini horses through a local rescue and they were quite helpful.


    they were helpful when I helped rescue 5 minis from them through a rescue


    phone communication could be better - they don't seem to answer emails

  • 2. Great help

    by: etherealmm

    These guys help so much





  • 3. Great Place

    by: JCasal

    My husband and I moved up here to Northern California about 3 years ago. We had 1 black lab and didn't have fencing yet, so we let her stay at my parents house until we could get things done. She had 2 other dogs to play with there. 8 months later, we brought her home and she was so lonely! My husband said we had to get another dog. I looked on line and found a couple of photos that I liked at the El Dorado County Animal Shelter. We went down to look at them and that is when Rusty, a Queensland Healer/Mix, leaned against the cage and looked up at me with the saddest eyes. I was sold. I asked the girls in the office if we had any problems with him getting along with my lab, if we could bring him back and they said no problem, why don't you go get your dog and bring her here and we will see how they get along. We raced home and picked up our lab. Needless to say, they got along great and are now the best of friends and Rusty is one of the most loyal dogs I have ever had. The people at the shelter were so great, caring and helpful. I would recommend this shelter to anyone!


    The people are great and the available animals are great.


    I really can't think of anything bad about this place.