Edison municipal animal shelter

125 municipal blvd
Edison, NJ 88170
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Very Helpful and Nice

    by: Breezy85

    I went into the shelter to visit as I have gotten my cats from there one back in 1994 and the other back in 2006. The secretary was very nice and helpful and the staff was knowledgeable and took the time to answer any quiestions I had. I also found out that they have a low cost spay/neuter program which is great to hear. Will visit again. They are saints for what they do and the things that they deal with (animals and people).


    Friendly, helpful staff



  • 2. What a disgrace this local shelter is....

    by: marisol512

    I went to this shelter last night in hopes of finding a new cat to bring home. This shelter is about ten minutes from my house and it was my first time there. What a huge disappointment this place is. From the moment you walk in it is disgusting and smells horrible. I was taken to where the cats were and my heart broke. There was one cat to every cage and they were not being taken care of at all. They were so dirty, frightened and they smelled. It was amazing how they all meowed and was rubbing their heads on the door of the cage so you can rub their heads. They wanted attention! Not one of them had a litter box..instead they each had a shoe box filled with what looked like small brown pebbles on which all the cats slept inside of because there was no where else to sleep. Their cages were lined with newspaper and their were bowls thrown in their with dirty water and probably stale food. I wanted so badly to take them all home with me. The woman who worked their knew nothing and seemed agitated when I asked questions. She told me that they were a kill shelter so if there was a cat i wanted to hurry and take him home because once they run out of room they kill the animals!!! After that I could not stomach anymore and went home sick.What a disgrace my towns shelter is.




    place smelled, it was filthy, the staff knew nothing...

  • 3. Edison Shelter needs help

    by: yorkieluvr

    Went there with a friend to adopt a dog she knew was there. We were sent in to see the dog who was dirty and seemed frightened. When we asked to take him out it was wonderful. He was thrilled to get out of there. The pen area really smelled bad. The receptionist who helped us seemed put off. Not much of a personality just business as usual. Alittle conversation would have been nice. We did ask alot of questions and she was very accommadating. \r\n


    The grounds were fairly clean, and not alot of people in the shelter itself


    When we went into the pens area it reeked. I had to leave for fear of losing my lunch