Echo Park Animal Hospital

1739 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Best Vet in LA

    by: Doobie

    During my 6 years here in LA, I've tried over 10 different vets. This is the first vet that you can trust not to try and rip you off. For example, if you know your dog has worms, then they aren't gonna make you pay for the test then for the treatment -- you just pay for the dewormer; also my dog had a strange skin allergy that I was charged $400 for tests and still did not get a diagnosis; then I was charged $65 for a medicated shampoo that was hopefully gonna help -- at Echo Park Vet, they diagnosed the allergy free of charge and sold me the proper shampoo (same as the $65 product) for $12. Also a spay/neuter starts at $75, where as at most other vets, in less you're lucky enought to coordinate one of the free services around town, the same operations begin at $250! \n\nAlso the staff is so friendly & knowledgeable; and the vet is happy to answer any questions you have and doesn't rush thru the exam like I have experienced at other vets.\n\nI love Echo Park Vet Hospital! Even though I no longer live in Echo Park, and there are dozens of vets with in blocks of my Hollywood Apt, I will still brave thru LA traffic at any time and any day to get to my favorite vet in town! Thank you, Echo Park Vet Hospital!!


    Extremely Fair Prices! Awesome Staff!


    2 miles away from Hollywood - Can take 30 or 40 min to get to

  • 2. Vet hospital full of roaches

    by: ztT4MP26485443

    Take your pets to another clinic. This doctor should retire, he is scared of the animal and doesn't know what he is talking about. He treats everything, even the common cold, with an enema. Place has roaches crawling from the woodwork. I was writing a check when a roach just appeared from nowhere next to my hand.\nThe two receptionist at the front desk are very very nice. Good luck if you decide to take your pets there. I was talking to other people who have been there and all say the same thing, this doctor should retire. He cannot hear and has poor communicating skills.


    nice receptionist


    nutty doctor