Echo lake dog park

Rt. 22 east
Mountainside, NJ

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Opportunity Being Missed

    by: PATTED

    I wish Union County would invest in this dog park. The site is lovely and the area under fence is large enough that dogs can really run and play. Unfortunately, the fence is cheap storm-fencing whose broken slates seem to be replaced by dog owners, and not the county. The grass is shot from over-use. It will be a muddy mess now until late spring. There is no water source and limited shade. Most owners are good about bringing water for the dogs to share. I must say that my dog loves it, primarily because it is spacious (atleast that is the reason he told me!). The grass/dirt is easier to run in than the sand/stones in the South Mountain Reservation dog park. There is a broad range of dogs and 'behaviours' so it is best if your dog is good at coming when called so you can call him away from interactions that make you nervous.


    Large area. Dogs can really run


    Messy, poorly maintained

  • 2. Echo Dog Park

    by: MaureenMc

    always had a problem, owners standing against fence reading their paper not paying attention to their dog... same type of people who don't clean up after their dog - because they never see it happen!





  • 3. Great Park

    by: Thaddeus

    This is the only dog park I have ever been to so I don't have much to compare it to. I can say, though, that our dogs love going there. When the car heads off in that direction, the three of them are jumping all over the place in anticipation.\r\n\r\nIt is a big park so my greyhound can really run full out. My wife and I have had many enjoyable hours with our dogs there. \r\n\r\nSometimes, there are problems between dog owners. We have seen some verbal disagreements between folks concerning the behavior of their dog. In this way, it is similar to a kids park where parents get into it if one child is not treating another child fairly.\r\n\r\nThis park is particularly nice in the spring. You can walk from the park over to the Garden Center that is located across the street and do some shopping. They allow the dogs to come into the Garden Center as well.


    Only dog park I have ever been to



  • 4. This is where we take our dogs

    by: sdruss3227

    This dog park is located a couple of towns away from where we live. Our dogs love it. The only problem is that large and small dogs run around together and sometimes this creates a problem.\r\n\r\nI like the fact that it is big and that there is a nice park associated with it. You could spend the entire day there.




    Small and large dogs mix together

  • 5. Very spacious dog park

    by: chainball

    We try to go her several times a month. Dogs really love it in that they can run to their heart's content.\r\n\r\nThe entire park is nice so when you get finished with the dog park, you can take a stroll along the stream or have a picnic.


    Quite large


    None that I can think of

  • 6. Bark in the Park

    by: BuilderBob

    This is a decent dog park but suffers by heavy usage. Serious erosion problems so it's often quite muddy. Not practical to mark off sections for reseeding.


    Nice park setting


    gets muddy, limited parking

  • 7. Union County Dog Park

    by: DDRau

    This is a convenient location just off of Route 22 east but because of that it is very popular. Limited parking. The rolling terrain makes it pretty but also means the grass gets ripped up easily. Large groups of dogs tend to get pack like in their play. They have an area designated for small dogs but there is no way to control it.


    3 acres to run


    Slopes erode easily, often muddy