Eastland Companion Animal Hospital

1704 E Empire Street
Bloomington, IL 61701

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  • 1. Excellent Vet with a warm and professional Staff! Please Read!

    by: Pelaccio3

    When I moved to Bloomington seven years ago, I had a senior dog (Poppy) and almost a senior dog (Daisy). Both had health issues and I interviewed many perspective vet's in the area, and after five interviews, and two asking me why I needed to interview the Vet, I finially found Dr. Tackett, at Eastland Companion Animal Hospital. Both Poppy & Daisy trusted Dr. Tackett, and acted more normal then nervous. The staff at ECAH also plays a big part in you & your furkids experience. The staff shows consistant interest in every pet, but when you are there; you will hear the staff say "hi" to the pet first using the pet's name, then second to the owner when they come in the office. When you take into account all in the small things that make this the very place I trusted with my first two furkids, and now with our three young furkids I really do speak from experience. When Poppy was 18 years old, and it was time to say goodbye - you really know how deep the trust you give someone with your precious loved ones. When Daisy (in very grave health) followed Poppy less then 2 years later, it was more then I thought I could handle. Through the tears we shared and the urgent calls to the doctor, it was Dr. Tackett's personal care of Poppy & Daisy that I would recommend Dr. Tackett to anyone who feels their pet is a family member. Is Dr. Tackett the cheapest Vet in town? I suppose not, nor is he the most costly. What I do know for certain is I trust the health of my furkids, young & old, in good health, or in the decline of life, to Dr. Tackett, and Diane his assistant. Diane is the rock, and is the one person I have noticed all pets want attention from. Diane was at my side while I shared my last physical moment with the best two friends I have ever had the honor of sharing my life with. With Diane giving me strength, I kissed my Poppy goodbye, and told him I would be with him again, so he could go and play now. Within two years Diane once again held me up while I kissed my Daisy goodbye, and told I her to go find her Poppy, because he was waiting for her. Did anyone in this Vet Office act like my husband and I were crazy to bring their blanket's and most favorite toys with us? No. The tears we shared, and the laughter we have shared watching our furkids grow - is an experience in RESPECT. No matter which vet you take your furkids to, the one thing you must have is respect to both your furkids, and to you. If you don't have that in the good times for regular care, the time when your friend is very sick, is not the time to find out. I sincerly hope you all find your Dr. Tackett, and an assistant like Diane. Best Wishes 2 U all.


    Very up to date on the latest in pet health care - Respect is shown to all furkids and their furparents - The staff are treated as professionals and it shows - Schedule a consultation and see for yourself


    Wish they opened at 7:00 AM