Eastern exotic veterinary center

4001 legato road
Fairfax, VA 22033
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Dr Davis rocks

    by: lagomorph

    I love Eastern Exotic so much I drive an hour to get there. Because I work at a local emergency vet clinic for dogs and cats, I'm super picky. I have been to almost every exotic vet in the area within an hour. Dr Davis is hands down the best. She helped us when our rabbit Rain had a luxated patella and needed major surgery. Spotting this problem in a little rabbit is far from easy and she knew what to do. She's a very nice person and it always calling with updates if your pet is in the hospital.


    24/7 emergency care


    kinda small

  • 2. Yup Yup

    by: jsstring

    I think the idea of this place is great, although underfunded. They really help out with an overlooked problem of cats that get to big to inhabit the trailers of their initial hillbilly owners


    Do a lot of good work for unlucky animals



  • 3. Pender Veterinary Centre is fantastic!

    by: terratoo

    Excellent staff and service. Clean facility. Well run. Very busy. Pricey, but vets are fantastic.


    Knowledgeable, rescue friendly, clean


    Busy, pricey