East Orlando Animal Hospital

7313 Lake Underhill Drive
Orlando, FL 32822

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. may not like cats

    by: ztT4MP93030100

    Overall, the office is very clean. I found the management to be very friendly. I adopted my new cat and wanted to keep him with the vet his old owner used. When I called and requested the Dr White (who I hear is excellent), they very nicely told me it doesn't matter and I should just see Dr Glenn. I loved the vet tech that works with Dr Glenn, however, both my sister and I were under the impression that Dr Glenn doesn't like cats. I also felt that Dr Glenn may have gone a little overboard with the medications. 3 different meds for a healthy cat seemed excessive to me. I may find another vet, or be more assertive when requesting Dr White.


    nice office


    wouldn't let me see particular dr

  • 2. Amazing

    by: Steinie

    This is the best animal hospital. Dr. T is great and is always willing to help. He is knowledgeable and if he may not know something he always makes sure to find out for you and call you. It is great how they call the day after to check up on your animals and make sure they are ok. This clinic is always willing to help in any way they can and go beyond what they are required to do in animal health. I highly recommend this clinic.


    Nothing they cannot do



  • 3. Great doctors...

    by: singer1940

    The care at this hospital is really exceptional and the staff really cares for your animal. However, the management is cold and unlikable. I went to this hospital for one vet in particular, but all the vets are really great at what they do.


    The doctors are great!


    Management is horrible