East Boulder Park

5660 Sioux Drive
Boulder, CO

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. dogs have fun

    by: usumi

    I like this park when the regular people are there- the people who understand how dogs play. I like it when dogs wrestle and play fight and when they have a chance to figure out if they can dominate another dog. It's fun for the dogs, gives them good exercise and gives them a chance to really be dogs.




    weeds grow

  • 2. some people don't trust the water

    by: Fawnest

    Dogs usually know how to play together and don't need the people controlling their play. They aren't toddlers, after all. \n\nSome people think dogs will get sick from the pond but I've never had a problem with that.




    yes, there are uneducated people there with their smarter dogs

  • 3. Great for water lovers

    by: stephc101

    This is a great dog park if you have a dog that loves the water like mine. My dog has bad knees and hips and the vet tells us to bring her swimming as often as possible so I like to bring her here as much as I can. The pond is a good size, not too big, not too small and there is always other dogs to swim and play with. There is also a tennis court nearby and the leftover tennis balls get brought over to the dog park so there is almost always plenty of balls to play with. Can't wait for the Spring so I can start taking my dog again!


    Pond for swimming


    None that I can think of

  • 4. pup goes swiming.

    by: Dash

    This is a fun dog park where your dog can run free and can go for a swim the shore can be pretty muddy so you should probably keep a towel in the car. Usually everything is fine there, but once in a while someone will bring a problem dog and not do anything about it.


    your dog can swim


    sometimes inconsiderate people