Dwight Correctional Industries

23813 East 3200 North Rd.
Dwight, IL 60420

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  • 1. What an amazing place!!!

    by: tdudis

    PWP found a dog named Jack that was thrown out of a pick up truck and developed severe anxiety issues. He HAD to be with someone all the time or he would literally eat his way out of or into a home to be with the people. After destroying many homes (my own included) we called Ann G. at this facility and she immediately accepted Jack into their service dog training program where he lives with a house full of women and 3 cats 24/7. He will graduate from the service dog training program in a year and there will not be a dry eye among those in the audience from PWP who love this dog dearly!!


    Compassionate staff, incredible service dog training program


    2 hours away