Durso janet a dvm

321 hill road
Middletown, NY 10941
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  • 1. Love her!

    by: Oakiesmom

    I love her . She has gotten me thru more things than i can count with my guys! She doesn't spend my money if she thinks that it is not necessary. She is about 1 hr from my house but she has been to my house at 6AM and 12AM without complaining. She has a wide area of knowledge - probably knows even more about horse eyes now - thanks to my baby, Oakie! She is not one to mince words - if she thinks that you are not doing what she has told you to do she will tell you.Has a respect for people who do all they can to give their animals a healthy long life. I consider her a friend not just my vet and i had had vets in the past that i can not say that about. I think that is very important . Trust my guys life in her hands . Always tell her i have a tiny statue of her on my dashboard!


    I love her !


    Can be to the point at times