Dunham Animal Hospital

3201 Recker Hwy
Winter Haven, FL 33880

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  • 1. is he in it for the love of animals

    by: awest

    when i was younger we had a cat that was in labor and a kitten was breech well we called dunham and they wanted all this money up front and it was really expensive little to say we didnt have that kind of money. we called around and took her to another vet that was way cheaper like 200 less and she helped us, the lady that helped us is now one of 2 well known vets in winter haven and does very well. i feel that when someone gets into a profession it should be for the love of it not the money. also when random people drop animals off the front door step they make animal control come get them, but the messed up thing is they want them to meet them at the back door so the clients dont see them getting the cats.


    hes a vet


    i think hes in it for money