Dripping Springs Animal Hospital

1000 E Hwy 289
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

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  • 1. We Love to Love Your Pets!

    by: KatCoon

    Ok, I work there - have for about a year and a half. I love it - Drs. Hudson and Phillip are a couple of the smartest and most caring vets you could possibly ask for (and for me and my pets, that's the bottom line). The people I work with are all great - trust me, nobody becomes a vet tech for the money - we are porfessionals who care very much about all our patients' health and happiness. With each visit we try very hard to address every concern our clients might have, whether medical or behavioral. Something else you might not get at other clinics is the phone consult - we do it all the time. When a client calls with a question about one of our patients, we pull their chart and spend as much time as it necessary to get them a satisfactory answer. I am thrilled to get to spend 40+ hours every week in a place where success is not always measured by money in the till, but in how well we have managed to support the human-animal bond.


    Two Really Great Vets, Caring Staff


    Dog & Cat only, way out of town, not cheap