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Dr Tom'S Home Veterinary Care

1504 Parknoll Lane
Port Washington, WI 53074

User Reviews (8)

  • 1. Great Vet

    by: petsarebest

    Love Dr. Tom - he's been my vet for over a decade. He's available by cell phone and is willing to come last minute if your companion animal is in crisis whether it's nights or weekends. Only time he wasn't able to come was when he was out-of-state on vacation and he still returned my Sunday phone call to him. Great vet and his rates are extremely reasonable - less expensive than the vets offices I've visited because he keeps his overhead so low.


    His availability, comes to house


    occasional superman takes a vacation...

  • 2. The Best

    by: AmyStone

    This guy comes to your house! No trying to get the cats in carriers and drag them to the clinic. Brings whatever he needs with him.


    Comes right to the house



  • 3. Outstanding Vet

    by: GPBRiggs

    Dr. Tom has been out vet for least 10 years, starting when we lived in Milwaukee. If you don't like packing up the cats to go to the vet, Dr. Tom is the answer.


    Comes to the hosue


    Can't think of a one

  • 4. Dr. Tom is the best!

    by: SusanPicard

    Finding Dr. Tom was the best thing that happened to my sister. She was always so stressed whenever she had to take her cat to the vet--now the vet comes to the cat. Everyone is happier.


    What's better than having a vet come to your home


    He's a busy man!

  • 5. A must for cat owners

    by: friendsofwchs

    Having a vet come to your house is a must for cat people, and Dr. Tom is the best. With some of our cats, he finds it best to sit on the floor while he wrangles them into position. Wish I would have videoed some of those visits--would have gotten points for them :-)


    Comes right to your house


    not always easy to get a quick appointment

  • 6. It doesn't get any better

    by: slpeck

    We just started with Dr. Tom this spring. I was referred by a co-worker. As I had 5 dogs and 3 cats, it is impossible to get the crew taken care of all at the same time. My husband and I both work, so scheduling vet appointments is a hassle. When the time came when we really needed him, Dr. Tom was there. My daughter is home during the day so when our Golden got ill, he was able to be there the next day. We eventually needed to put our Golden to sleep and as hard as it was, it was really comforting to do this in our home. 5 months later, we had a cat become very ill. Next day, Dr. Tom was there. Again, we needed to put Pixie down. I have put several cats down over the years. This was the best experience. Dr. Tom did the procedure a bit differently which resulted in less stress for the cat. I have recommended Dr. Tom to several people so far.


    Stress free for pets and owners



  • 7. Great and convenient

    by: JannaO

    Dr. Tom has seem my pets for over 10 years now. It is great having them relaxed in their home while being examined.\n\nWhile it is a sad subject, it is also better dealing with euthanasia in my own home versus taking the pet away from home to have it performed.


    Relaxed vet care for pets


    Not avaialble for emergency care

  • 8. Dr.Tom's Home Vet Care--GREAT

    by: mar6cats

    My cat herd has been with Dr. Tom Kruske for over nine years and I'd whole heartedly recommend him. As cats don't really enjoy riding in cars, having a vet that comes to the house is a must. He comes with everything he needs for an exam, vaccinations, etc. If surgery is required, he takes your pet to the hospital and returns him/her to you when completed. And his fees are comparable to a clinic vet! If you live in the southeastern Wisconsin area, and have animals that don't like to travel, Dr. Tom is the vet for you.\n\n


    Comes to your home!


    Can't always get a "quick" appointment