Dr. R. Dahlhausen Dvm

5989 Meijer Dr., Suite 2
Miford, OH 45150

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Horrid, horrid excuse of a vet

    by: ztT4MP99495007

    Dr Dahlhausen is supposed to be this nationally known avian vet, but he and his office have killed two birds in our house. The first was due to laziness as his breakfast was more important than his patient. He had been phoned at home that morning and KNEW of the situation as he had done surgery on the bird two days before. It died in the parking lot 10 minutes after his office was supposed to open with nobody there. He couldn't even bother to show up at the time his office was scheduled to open. Don't get me wrong, I understand that sometimes pets die and nothing can be done, but to let one die because he wanted breakfast first is unprofessional and low class. Fast forward a couple years and a different bird was seen by his office (Due ONLY to the fact that nobody else could get the bird in that day) and after a quickie inspection we were given antibiotics and sent on our way. We were lied to about tests that were run, and only after the bird never really got well started getting worse, we went to a different vet and it was kept overnight and died before morning. We were told there was no way Dahlhausen's office could have run the tests that should have been run as one took two days and they were done in 20 minutes. Don't buy into any hype about this guy...he's bad news for your pet!


    Nothing good about this schmuck


    This line isn't nearly long enough to list all that is wrong here

  • 2. Avian and Exotic Vet Extrodinare!

    by: flyintigrus

    I won't take my parrots and dove to anyone else! I have rescued all of my companions who were sadly taken in in very grave conditions. Dr. Dahlhausen has performed with extraordinary skill and care in extremely delicate situations such as broken bones, deep cigarette burns and severe malnutrition. I recommend him and his staff highly.


    Up-to-Date Technology, Very Knowledgable and So Kind