Dr. mitchell greenberg, v.m.d.

796 sport hill road
Easton, CT 06612

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Very Impressed

    by: sleepetc

    We have taken our lab to Dr. Greenberg for years and he has always been very helpful and caring. Twice he has refered us to specialists for diagnosis that are not his specialty. One time for a torn ligament and most recently for a still undiagnosed illness. We are very impressed with the time that Dr. Greenberg has put into trying to find the answers. He even just called the house to check on our dog. The specialists the have recently checked out our dog have some more clues, but they feel that Dr. Greenberg has done a great job up to now and they mentioned that he has had some great ideas for possible treatments. We will definitely use Dr. Greenberg in the future and would recomend him.


    Caring, Patient, genuinely interested


    not the best diagnostitian

  • 2. dogs and cats

    by: cherrylc

    Through my many pets, over the last 35 years, Mitchell Greenberg has been stellar. I have nothing but praise for his patients, expertise, and competent and caring staff.





  • 3. Wonderful vet

    by: kelseythedog

    One of the greatest things about moving to Easton was getting Dr. Greenberg as our local vet. There are many wonderful things to say about this office but number one on my list is he and his staff take their time with you. Even if the office is packed, once you're in the examining room, you feel like you're the only one there.


    They take their time...


    ...so sometimes you have to wait

  • 4. Easton Veterinarian

    by: ccanfield

    The staff at this office is very congenial and recognize each pet as an individual. Their fees are reasonable for the area. The Doctor has discussed pet issues on the telephone, at times, if there is something that needs can be resolved without an additional visit. One very helpful service is that they allow after hour pick up of medications. He truly has the animal's best interest at heart.


    Very caring about each pet, offers free/ discounted spaying and neutering for adopted strays


    some may say he has a quirky personality, but that doesn't bother us