Dr Claudia Gray

517 Ellicott St
Buffalo, NY 14203

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Fred can walk thanks to Dr. Grey

    by: Gopgirl2006

    we had always had Dr. Stevens as our vet but when Fred tore his ACL we had to put our faith in Dr. Grey. When we adopted him he was VERY overweight, whcih made his condition even worse. We were faced with a major operation as well as a 16 week recovery- HE IS DOING AMAZING!!!!! and it is all thanks to her. He can walk and run and play much like he did before. There is little signs of athritis, a common side effect. Dr. Grey has stayed concerned and on top of it. She was sooo good with Fred and we really love her as a vet. DR GREY IS AMAZING!!!


    VERY knowledgeable... she knows her stuff.